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 Living an Extraordinary midlife with confidence, knowledge, and a lot of sass!

~ Ne’r to Know’s goal is to be a place to encourage those over or near 50 to embrace a bold desire to not let the number dictate their lives and actions. To not fear change which is a necessary tool to being timeless, ageless.

~Ne’r to Know is a place where we believe that it is necessary to increase our knowledge on ways to care for ALL aspects of oneself. So we all can strengthen an appreciation of our abilities. Using that spirited, fresh, extra, uniqueness that makes you one of a kind in order to experience the fullness of life. Inspiring others and leave a legacy.

~I invite you to join me, Deb, on this amazing journey, living the second phase of our life! It is not too late to be your best self, and live the life you envisioned! 

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