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Mom/Grandmother/Auntie/Nurse/Educator/Matriarch of my Family

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I am a Black Caribbean born American influenced woman. A mom of an amazing daughter, a mom who lost her young son to cancer, an Auntie, an adoptive mother of many, a grandmother of 2 delightful  young-ins, a nurse educator and clinician. I am also a neo traditional thinking person, a leader, teacher, head of my family, head of my generation (baby boomers). I struggle emotionally and physically like others at times, someone defined me as  an "unknown people person" defined as I don't like dealing with people but I am very good at it.


I've become passionate for the underdog, seeing their strength and creating plans and providing resources to empower them. I am wise, but still learning.  I am an artist and gardener - both are stabilizing forces balancing my well-being. Oh, did I mention I'm in my 60,s? and still growing. 

Being honest with myself this is the REAL me. I do not take a bow this is just me.

"You will never know unless you stretch yourself"

I recently admitted to myself that I have entered my middle ages... (can you see my eyes rolling)... I still don't openly reveal it to others but only to myself.

I'm sure you know that feeling. Just keeping it real!

However, this little self-revelation has opened a new journey of exploration - self, mental and physical health,  creativity, and what I want to do with the rest of my life. It is hard to think of aging, when you feel so young inside, still have dreams, and hopes for more adventures.


Ne'r to Know is a safe space to explore cause as my mom would say " you will never know unless you stretch yourself".

We just have to live our best lives!!!


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