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Share your Daring Uniquesness

Art has always been a part of my life, and a form of therapy. Being from a Caribbean island where there is a plethora of music, dance, folklore, foods, colors, and celebrations. Art in all forms has allowed me to cope with everyday experiences. 

We are all creative beings, whether it is through knitting, writing, stick art, journaling, collage, or pottery, the ability to move feelings and ideas from within, unto a blank form reminds us of our daring uniqueness.  The quietness of the creative process recenters us. I  inspire you to explore your creative side.

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Collage 11x8 Mixed media


Winter Sunset

Acrylic on canvas 36x24


Washed by the River

Acrylic on canvas 24x24


Sunrise Sunflowers

Acrylic on canvas 24x36



 Acrylic on canvas 36x24


Celebrating the "I"

Digital art 


Autumnal Twilight

Acrylic on canvas 12x24


Movere Dance the Belle

 Acrylic on canvas 36x48


Fishing Boat Under the Moon

Acrylic on canvas 24x24


Sunrise at the red barn

Acrylic on canvas 12x24


The Spirit of the Balise

 Acrylic on canvas 36x24


Breath of Nature

Acrylic on canvas 36x12

My Artistic Flirtations

There was a time when art was an assignment for a grade, at times it was a fun relaxing project on the front porch. As I got older and life happened buried the desire to create. Despite this, there were bursts of yearning as if part of who I am intuitively was trying to emerge.

Finally, unable to ignore, I purchase art materials, paint, brushes, canvases, and a little easel. In the little bedroom art corner, I would conjure up a piece. Working as the household slept. I created mud... I scanned through pictures in magazines, started focusing on design and color, and watched artists on YouTube.​

Alas! The Inner Artistic Muse appeared rekindling my eye for form and movement. Daring me to make the first stroke of color on the white canvas. Helping me create The dance of the sunflowers, The Fishing Boat Under the Moon, and Movere ~Dancing the Bele'. 


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