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Green Therapy 

What's Happening Now?

As this year's garden experience comes to an end, I can't help but reflect on lessons learned, and opportunities for growth.

Lessons learned? 

Well, planning ahead makes a difference. I spent the month of January reviewing what plants I wanted to plant, getting seeds in order of time to plant, and ensuring that the little sun I got over the garden worked in my favor. 


I enjoyed seeing the garden critters is fun! Bunnies, squirrels, and others loved the fresh food farmers market I created for THEIR pleasure too!


 Remember the hedgehog fiasco? My squash pumpkin vines were luscious but I did not get any produce... learning opportunity.



All in all, I would say this year's garden was a success!

Its purpose is to inspire me, to provide a place for me to center myself and be mindful, the sounds of birds, seeing the butterflies and bees, and the sun all enhanced my mood and sense of well-being. This purpose was achieved.


Already planning next year's garden!!! LOL

Here is my garden! Ask me anything you want to know about my plants and let's grow together!

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