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Designing intentional actions to reach your 2022 goals using prospective thinking

How's your 2022 resolutions coming along?

Would you believe it is August? We have just 4 months,120 days left to the end of this year. Where did the time go, and to add to the saga I'm sitting in an emergency room looking at the double doors open and close, observing the people come in and go out, young and old, some with obvious trauma. Waiting my turn. Somehow with nothing else to do, I drifted into a "what have I done so far this year ?" conversation with myself.

You know, it is not unusual for me to take inventory of my accomplishments. Especially as the year comes to an end. But the anxiety and pressure really builds in August.

What's the deal, you ask.

September is next. My birthday month. Another milestone. I'll be one year older. Ouch!

So I'm thinking..."What were my goals for this year?" Since I couldn't recall my list (not good) I checked my blog Give Yuh Girl Some Tips:

  1. create my first planned spring garden,

  2. plan a series of artwork,

  3. switch to plant-based meals

  4. strength and cardio training

Ooooookay......... oops

Celebrating Achevements

As I wrote in my new year blog I do not like resolutions they can be a setup for disappointment but on the other hand, they allow us to dream of what could be as we enter a new year the art of prospective thinking.

Deb in her Spring garden

Looking over my list, if I could hide somewhere I would. My big achievement was the amazing spring garden. It was a lot of work, planning, planting maintaining, and now reaping the bountiful harvest.

Nice, gave myself a few high fives.

Being Honest About the Incompletes

With a sigh, I admitted, I did not achieve the art series. In fact, I got stuck on the same art piece all year long. Being honest with myself, I have no real excuse... I have a YMCA membership and a home trampoline. My new art studio space is carved out in the basement. So, what were my stumbling blocks? Emotional, financial, illness, work, unexpected events, my mindset, and maybe I did not prioritize ME and MY health.... another Ouch!

Taking a drone's eye view of the last 8 months allowed me to see the big picture. To be fair to myself, I live in a constant storm of depression and procrastination is the river that always flows in the wrong direction. In addition, I am a full-time nurse, living in a multi-generation home and my time is divided. Supporting my daughter, helping raise my grandkids, and yes trying to design a balanced fulfilling life. Choosing what brings me joy like gardening, art, and writing adds value to my existence.

Own the answers to the why. So you have a starting point for designing intentional actions to attain your goals

Reassessing goals with prospective thinking

Looking forward 120 days ahead, I see September as the spark that fuels a reevaluation and renewed impetus to finish this year on a high note.

By owning the answers to why I did not achieve my goals(as yet), I can start redesigning intentional actions to attain these goals or at least start. In other words, I can dream of a new ending.

Days later after my emergency room visit, some antibiotics, and a few days of rest, it was time to come up with a plan!

What were your long-term dreams for 2022? Maybe to Lose weight, save more rainy day funds, write a short story, prepare for retirement, take control of your health, or travel to Japan. I'm sure you had at least one win for now. Were you like me where you put everything else ahead of you?

Become intentional

Don't beat yourself up! We can do this! Most importantly YOU can do this!

You have taken a good look at your 2022 goals that you set in January. You were honest, now you have a better understanding of what you value, where you were sidetracked, and how important it is to assess your progress quarterly to keep your eyes on the future gains.

You have the same 120 days to insert new energy, imagination, and create a new plan of intentional actions that align with your health and wellbeing values.

CS Lewis wrote "You can't go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending." -I love that!

Guess that's why I write these blogs. Knowing if I could change the ending starting now, you can too.

Now for the fun part!

Intentional Actions

Here is my intentional action plan to get in shape for the rest of the year, using SMART goals, my

favorite playlist, a glass of merlot, daily planner, pen, and paper.

Remember SMART goals are:

Specific: “I am going to get at least 30 minutes of exercise three days a week”

Measurable: “My goal is to increase my endurance within the next three months.”

Achievable: “I already have a small trampoline, skip rope, and bands. YMCA membership. I will increase plant-based meals”

Relevant: “I want to enjoy my grandkids, and feel better physically and mentally in my daily life”

Time-bound: “ I will go to the YMCA and workout 30 minutes 3 days weekly. I will find recipes for plant-based meals."

SMART goals help create a clear plan with the finish line in sight. Clearly define what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it, and assess if the goals are realistic and achievable. You can measure the results, are you losing 2 lbs weekly on your diet, did you lose 8 lbs in 4 months,

So ask yourself-

Which three New Year's resolutions, if you completed before the end of the year, would be a real checker flag win?


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