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A year of possibilities,

When I think of the new year I chew on the word resolution, what am I resolving to do. Do a January cleansing fast to bring in a clean body, pray and meditate daily…..

I feel it equate Old Year's Day to Fridays before the weekend. We look forward to Friday hoping that Saturday we will sleep in, RELAX, clean our house, visit a friend. On Sunday we plan to RELAX, go to church, finish a book we reading or catch up on our binge watches….

But, what actually happens is we are so tired from the week activities both mentally and physically that we drag out of bed on Saturday, get up later than planned spending the day in a guilty fog. If its winter worse cause you just got out of bed and the sun is already going down. "Wasted" you say.

Sunday, the great escape artist becomes filled with errands we did not complete the day before, anxiety filled, cause we're thinking "work in the morning" all day. I swear Sundays have less hours. Really! don't believe me?!

So should we make resolutions? Should we measure 365 days starting at day 1? If you are one of the lucky ones who already filled in your 2022 vacation plans for the year on your calendar, and can look back at your 2021 resolution checking boxes as completed...give yourself a huge high five you are amazing! Truly. No sarcasm. Give yuh girl some tips.

But (and this is a huge), for the rest of us me included we got to take it slow. So I decided that POSSIBILITIES is what I will focus on.

For me, (I hope you will be my copilot) I am looking forward to creating my first planned spring garden, planning a series of artwork, switching to plant based meal…..with a bonus of strength and cardio training ….(wow, I just made it public no pressure. LOL)

These are my 2022 possibilities.

Pop open the champagne!

I like to work in 3's. When I put it in this verbiage I don't feel stressed, it sounds doable. I could drag out of bed Jan 1st (its a Saturday haha), RELAX with family and friends on the 2nd ( a Sunday). No guilty fog here.

I know I have to sit and fill in my new 2022 calendar, start reviewing seed catalogues, browse through my art ideas binder ( it is full), and dust off the small trampoline in the basement.

For now, with a glass of wine in hand I will sit quietly, RELAX, be grateful for all the goodness received in the year that past and lessons learnt.



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