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Merry Christmas in July! 9 Easy Steps to a Stress-free Winter Holiday

By Deb

Can't you smell the Christmas pudding baking? I'm just joking.

l know it is hot as Hades outside and you are wishing for some autumn cool to wash over. Who is thinking of hot chocolate with marshmallows by the fireplace, oh, or warm Apple cider at these temperatures? Well, you don't have to overheat with the hot beverages instead grab a glass of cold lemonade and sit under a shade that's all you need to enjoy this Christmas in July.

Here are 9 simple fun activities that you can do while sipping that lemonade to enjoy this Christmas in July, and get a head start on the winter holiday season.


Table of Contents

Make a Christmas List

Check your Closet

Plan a Theme Christmas Tree

Show off Your Crafty Talents

Clean out Those Holiday Boxes

Make Handmade Gifts

Make Personalized Christmas/Holiday cards

Have a Garden? Make your Gift!

Watch Hallmark movies

1. Make a Christmas list

I don't know about you (you may be more organized than I am) but I always find myself making a hurried list on a napkin at the last minute. Stressing out that I missed someone who was meaningful to me. If you need a jump start check out Good Housekeeping Gift Ideas 2022 they say you can "Find the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list this year, no matter your budget."

2. Check your closet

You know that little Box\bag you have in the back of the closet, the one you stash sale items in. Out of sight out of mind! I'm sure it is filled with items you thoughtfully bought. Like the bowtie with the guitar design, you picked up at the flea market in April because you know Scott who loves all things musical would love it.

So go clean out that closet. You may have already fulfilled your Christmas list. Check out Elfster for more gift ideas. Don't forget the office parties and secret Santa!

3. Plan a theme Christmas tree

Every year I get to declare what the Christmas theme is for the season. Last year the theme was Winter owls before that was Mardi Gras and before that was Swan Lake. I look at the ornaments that I already have and see how many I have that can fit into my theme as you can see Winter owls and Swan Lake have a lot in common. I did not have to go buy much just decorative owls. To get you thinking…what colors do you like, maybe you have a special place, stories….use these to get your themed holiday started.

4. Show off Your Crafty Talents

In keeping with planning a themed Holiday. I make a painting representing each theme to hang over the fireplace mantel. It does not have to be elaborate, you do not have to be a professional artist. For example, with the owl theme, I looked at winter scene photos, pulled out colors that were repeated, and used those colors to create an abstract Winter Sunet in about 30 minutes.

You can use any material even a display foam board. Your fingers, have kids join in, stencils any material will do.

Maybe this year you may want to do a farmhouse theme check out these ornamental farm houses from Balsam Hill

5. Clean out Those Holiday Boxes that Stash Your Ornaments and Lights

Check the lights, making sure that they don't have any frayed wire that can cause problems such as a fire. Check to see if the lights work, and untangle the nest.

Toss broken ornaments away and if you have already decided what the theme is pack all the ornaments related to your theme in one box. Once again decreasing that holiday stress

6. Make Handmade Gifts

Nothing is more heartwarming than receiving a gift that someone took the time to make…last holiday I receive this expensive-looking heavy gift box from one of my colleagues. I imagine a small bottle of wine LOL. When I opened the box, inside was a bedazzled wine glass fit for a queen. She made it herself. I was impressed. My royal bedazzled wine glass has a prominent place in my curio. Every time I see it, I think of her and smile.

You can make small art pieces? Can you sew, quilt, and make something out of nothing? What about bedazzling some glasses check out…Life Is A Whole Vibe on You

Tube with their DIY rhinestone wine glasses

7. Make Personalized Christmas/Holiday cards

How would you feel about making personalized Christmas cards? Check out some of the links to help you get started on your handmade personalized gifts. 21 DIY Christmas Card Ideas The Spruce Crafts

8. Have a Garden? Make your Gift!

Did you have an abundance of herbs, basil, or maybe peppers? I love sharing produce from my garden. Potting herbs like sage, mint, and oregano in small containers to give as gifts to those with a culinary vibe. I packed the dried herbs in small packs with labels. Having a Caribbean heritage I love Making pepper sauces, and seasoning blends that make meal prep a little easier while adding the taste of the Caribbean to their meal. Check out How to Make Green Seasoning with a Trinidad blend by Taste of Trini on Youtube

If you are still not getting into the holiday spirit…

9. Watch Hallmark movies

They are sure to have you humming "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas "

Now you're smiling

With my 9 easy steps above You can enjoy Christmas in July and be ahead of the game for a

Stress-free Winter Holiday. Can you see all the bustle around you while you are sitting near the fireplace sipping warm cider?

Your list is complete with thoughtful gifts you bought throughout the year. Some YOU HAVE MADE! Look at you showing off your creative side!

You choose your holiday theme, knowing you already have nearly everything to pull it off in the boxes in the attic.

Holidays are not all about giving and receiving gifts. It's about spending time with family, friends, people who you really appreciate, those that fill your heart with warmth and help you feel connected.

It's about reflecting on why they are important to you. And why you mean so much to them. So this July sip your iced lemonade under the shade and prepare for a stress-free holiday season.


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