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"Merry Christmas, Mom!"

I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful, enjoyable Christmas holiday! Hopefully, you received what you wished for and wanted. I must admit this was the best Christmas since the pandemic started.

We did the Secret Santa gift exchange at work that was a resounding success. This year's holiday seemed more friendly and giving in abundance. Making up for the year we seem to have lost (2020).

So did I have an enjoyable holiday?

I surely did and more. I didn't travel anywhere for the holidays, stayed home and enjoyed my daughters, their kids and some friends that came over. We ended up having 2 days of Christmas.

My daughters bought out Amazon inventory starting in October... Just joking, somewhat...LOL. We had the grandkids write letters to Santa.

The boy (4) wrote he wanted, get this... presents.

The girl (7) wrote a numbered list that hung off the page….

I didn't write a list, just made small suggestions (I was to speak). So on Christmas morning dressed in my new Xmas PJs; a tradition, I joined the fam under the Christmas tree to open our first round of gifts.

On Christmas Day itself with mimosas in hand (for the adults) the kids received their Santa deliveries...they were ecstatic!

On day two... Boxing Day with friends and more family we did more Christmas.

The kids received more practical educational STEM gifts. I was not to be left out….

"Merry Christmas Mom!"

A chorus of daughters exclaimed and out from its hidden spot behind the lite Xmas tree came a huge Box about 2' wide by 1' 1/2' feet by another 1'1/2' feet.

"Merry Christmas Mom, this is for you"!

You should have seen my face, quite puzzled because, I thought that the wooden Chinese checkers board with colorful glass marbles (AMAZING) I received on the actual Christmas Day was my gift, I love Chinese checkers... and the beautiful Japanese ceramic bowls... I seem to have a trend!

Back to the big Box

So I unwrap the Christmas paper and there it was a Digital Air Fryer.

Huh! So once again I was quite puzzled. "Thank you'' I said slowly ??

" Thank you, but when did I ask for an air fryer?" All I could think of was where was I going to put this on my kitchen counter. This is big and I'm trying to declutter (My silent thoughts). While trying to look appreciative. I just had to ask.

"Okay, so when did I ask for an air fryer?"

I have an oven, stove, microwave, toaster oven. Don't they all cook food? There were photos of fried chicken, fries, salmon even asparagus on the box.

"It was in October" they chorused.

"Which October" I asked laughing. Thinking really hard. Must be like two October's ago? Still laughing. So I don't know if you're like me, Xmas punked, getting one of those surprise gifts that you "asked for". Lol. How was your holiday, any surprises?"

(P.S. the box is in my bedroom I'm still trying to figure when did I conjure this in my amnesic state…)

Well, like my surprise Ne'r to Know what 2022 has boxed up for you.

Wishing you a safe journey into 2022. I'm channeling a year of prosperity, love, hope, health and so much more for you and your family.

See you next year.



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