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Mini Escapes

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

I just left the dental office after a routine cleaning and I left feeling relaxed and refreshed. Weird right? So I thought about it for a moment. Must be the quietness of the space, the whispered voices, the soft Christmas music in the background with an occasional note that I recognize. Even when I tried to think about something specific… the thoughts could not disrupt the stillness and were whisked away.

Life is so hurried these days, filled with anxiety and worry.

When we think about the month or next year, we may start out with gleeful anticipation and expectation. Planning a vacation to Italy, starting a garden, going back to school, painting our guest room, or writing a novel. All whilst taunted by the wee small inner voices that remind us we are in a pandemic, what will the test show, when will my kid find a good job...

It is so important we recognize and embrace these, mini escapes that catch us by surprise. Close our eyes, allowing the other senses to awaken, to feel, hear, taste ( if we are enjoying a meal), to smell what's around us. Embracing where we are now, acknowledging the moment.

What were you doing when you recognized you were having a mini escape that surprisingly left you renewed? In the garden, reading a good book, cooking a meal, or in the dentist chair like me?



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