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Power within the Glass Ornaments

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

One by one, I carefully pick up each shiny glass ornament with a slow reverence as if in prayer. The sparkling clear starry lights twinkle adding the hue of heavenly ambiance in this chapel-like silence. I am magically propelled by reflections from the ornaments and see a newly cut tree, whitewashed and skirted with soft, white hospital-grade cotton (fake snow). The branches are draped in tinsel and colorful lights that create champagne bubbles when warmed.

I can see a few gifts, carefully wrapped in colorful paper. The smell of recently painted walls, the aroma of fruit cakes and loaves of bread in the oven filled the air.

I hear the music of Bing Crosby’s White Christmas, Andy Williams, Let it Snow, Johnny Mathis, Away in a Manger, and the signature melodic thrill “Aiyee Aiyee!!!!!!!!!!” of Daisy Voisin singing Alegria Alegria.

My eye's begin to fill with tears for those no longer present. Remembering their smiles and hearing their voices. Finally, the last ornament is placed... the star. I sit quietly for a while allowing the memories filled in each shiny ornament to wash over me. I am not sad, but oh so grateful for life, love, family, work, and friends.

This time of year is filled with reflections(some positive, some not). Any you would like to share?

I pray that this Holiday season is filled with wonderful memories that warm your heart and feed your soul! Happy Holidays!!!!



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