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Running Just on Time

This morning I was running as you would say “late".

No! Not late but "exact on time," for work. LOL

You know when the clock alarms and you sttttrrrretch it to an extra 15 minutes. Then you get up running and fussing that you should have gotten up 15 minutes earlier, despite the already good 30 minutes added to the clock…. a sort of pre-alarm...


15 minutes late leaving the house… It's one of those mornings.

So being so exactly precise on time I had one cup of coffee and oatmeal dashing through the door.

Driving to work was not bad. The post-holiday traffic was sparse and I was making good time. No, I was not speeding. 😏

Just Two traffic lights from my place of work I began to predict my day ahead....based on the before -I got- to work -calls I surmised it would be one of those days that once you got in the next time you see the sky was on your way out.

Looking at the time I had about 10 minutes to spare. The oatmeal and coffee already gone I decided "better get a real breakfast and strong coffee to make it through".

At the last traffic light, I spied Panera with just one car in the drive-thru. So I beelined for it, hoping no other car swerved in.

Quickly ordering a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

As I waited for my order to be filled, my eyes focused in the rearview mirror a pleasant faced mature maybe 50-60 year old, Caucasian woman with her hair neatly tucked like a 70s movie character. She sat in her red SUV talking on the cell seriously to someone...

For some unknown reason I got stuck in a loop of thoughts imagining she may have just left one of the many medical facilities that were just a few feet away, or even have a loved one in the hospital nearby. The thoughts did not leave nor my fascination.

Maybe I conjured up the whole story or who knows whether there was some sort of divine interventionist at work.

I kept feeling the notion to pay for the lady's order. After a few seconds passed, I finally took out my wallet. When the young lady at the window opened to tell me that my sandwich would be ready in a few, I added "I'm paying for the woman behind me." She checked the woman's total and stated "She got a cup of coffee, a bagel, and some cream cheese. It's $5.89" …"Only $5.89" repeating it unimpressed by the amount.

I replied with "that's fine."

This was the first time I had ever done something like this.

After my order was collected, I drove up some ways away from the the drive-thru window and stopped my car. Just to see a reaction, (again first time here), I didn't know if there would even be a reaction.

The woman in her car, drove up to the window and got ready to pay only to have the attendee wave her card away. (I assume telling her it was paid in full by the car in front of you.)

From what I could see, the woman in the red SUV made a face one could only describe as surprise, paused, then swung her head to see the car that paid her order. She jolted her left arm, near half her petite frame out of her cars window and waved several times. As if to cover every car in the lot….mouthing many thank you-s. ….and all for only $5.89!

I can't explain the tears that filled my eyes or the warmth that filled my chest. I was so overwhelmed. But I can tell you that whatever it meant it was if I had answered her prayer. As my mom would say you Ne'r to Know what people are going through, especially now. And sometimes you just have to do what your heart tells you to do, hoping that your action helps someone where they need it the most.

This was my first time and the reward for me is everlasting… for a mere $5.89!

Have you ever been on the giving or receiving end of someone sort of paying it forward or giving out of their heart? I would love to hear that story or inspiration!

BTW...I was still on time for work... Amazing!

Giving you all the ❤❤❤


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