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Still Winter...

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Wow! It's February already! What have I done so far this year....

All that comes to mind is work...

Well today I had my list.

  1. Got to get the garden started.

  2. in some dirt..

I tell you this activity is addicting.

From the time I put the last shovel in the garage and turn off the irrigation in late November (zone 7) I am already bored...anxious to start planting again.

I spent the last 8 weeks planning for this year's planting. Ordered seeds, drew out a plan (first time), watched the sun journey across the garden beds, plotted sun versus shady areas, tall versus short plants.

Eye I see why my peppers took so long to bear...they had too much shade. Haha...Not this year...I'm ready.

Atlas today with shovel and seeds in hand I was off to the raised beds. Oh and a warm coat.

Man it was cold! The soil however, was soft and damp...ready for some action!

Even though it is technically still winter here in the South we are blest with the abbreviated version. So seeds of carrots, spinach, beets, chive, cilantro, lettuce, and peas found there new homes.

It felt so good spending just a mere hour in my favorite place with my beautiful familiar friend the hawk circling above my head against the clear blue Carolina sky.

I am sure if you are like me you are also, hungry to try new planting techniques, and different varieties of vegetables. Let me know what new plans you have for your garden space. Did you plant a sun loving veg in the shade like I did... LoL... Tell me all about it. I feel your pain!

Glad I can see….Spring on the horizon…

Getting a little dirty!!!! Ha! Ha!


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